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Sunday, August 07, 2005


hallo ^^ this is emily here

welcome to our class blog! it's not really completed yet, would need the class's help in that.

anyway, i not sure how this would be run la.
  • everybody signs in using this account to post? may be a lil messy. MUST REMEMBER TO SIGN OFF/STATE WHO U ARE IF USING 05s1d account ^^
  • how about everybody sign up of blogspot accounts and post to this blog! click here to add your email and instructions will be sent to you. not ma fan one la ^^.

    we need a description under o5s1d! click here to do so ^^

    who else has a blog? please let me know yeah? (to link the class)

    what other improvements can be made?

  • refresh the blog; the photos above change! i like this layout! lol so bhb..
  • stila, click here to dl the photos you took with your friends.
  • joyce and yilian click here.

  • CLASS, click here to download all the photos, fullsize..

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